Waterproofing the Sunshine Coast for 15+ years


All bathrooms and we areas in houses are waterproofed to meet Australian Standards, including bath surrounds, all shower walls and water stops at doors. A wide range of shower hobs can be used including aluminum angle, hebel or Waterstop Streamline Aluminum. When possible, polyurethane is used in shower trays due to its increased elasticity. This method has produced leak-free results for over 15 years.


beautiful modern kitchen, view from the balcony

We use a fast curing, durable, elastic water-based membrane on our decks. We also supply and install trim angle that can be matched to suit each individual job.

Crack Repairs/Injection Work

Concrete repair can be detailed, tricky work. Our team have experience in using injection products and materials to stop those nasty leaks.

Hydrostatic/Negative Pressure

cement wall in construction site with trowel handheld tool used

We use a wide range of negative pressured membranes including a two-part elastic cementitious product which can withstand 15 metres of negative hydrostatic pressure. If the wall is visible, we will use products that can be painted or rendered over.

Lift Pits

Flexcoat uses a cementitious membrane on the inside of lift pits and chooses a product that will best suit the individual job for the external coat.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall
We choose to use a one part, tar free moisture curing polyurethane membrane on retaining walls where possible. This product has the ability to flex over 400% creating an unbelievably strong impervious barrier to moisture.


roller brush, tool for  waterproofing

UV stable products are used on rooftops allowing the product to be exposed to sunlight with no ill-effects.

Water Features/Planter Boxes

A wide range of products can be used on water features and planter boxes. They range from water-based products to polyurethane to cementitious membranes.

Window Reveals

A fast-curing, flexible membrane is used which can be safely rendered over.